GESTEINS Perspektiven 2020/05/23

How tyres get a second life

Marangoni, headquartered in Rovereto, Italy, is not only one of the largest retreaders of OTR and truck tyres in Europe, but also one of the largest manufacturers of tyre retreading materials.

The specialist’s motto is the optimal profile for every application with a mixture adapted to the application. Sales in German-speaking countries are handled by the German subsidiary based in HenstedtUlzburg. “Our DNA is retreading and we have the right solution for every application. After all, a tyre is like a good pair of shoes that you don’t throw away even if only the sole is worn out,” says Christoph Brinkmann, Sales Manager DACH.

The product range includes a large selection of dimensions and different treads up to a size of 51”. Depending on the customer’s wishes, work is done on their own carcass or on a premium carcass. All carcasses are thoroughly tested in the company’s own shearography facility before and after retreading to ensure that they meet the high demands in use.

With the right choice of tread and compound, a retreaded tyre plays in the same league as a premium new tyre. At the same time, we are on the road with a considerable number of tyres in the markets directly – through our own retreading – and indirectly – through the sale of materials for retreading,” adds Director Clemens Zimmermann. Moreover, the use of a retreaded tyre is not only an ecologically sensible decision – after all, one saves about 80 % in raw materials – but also economically interesting.

The fact that Marangoni also has a partnership in the OTR segment with Westlake, one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world, is also interesting, as it results in a cost-effective new tyre alternative with convincing quality.