GESTEINS Perspektiven 2021/02/21

The intended use determines the selection

A lot has happened in the OTR sector at Marangoni. This is revealed not least in the current catalogue for 2021.

In addition to the large number of premium retreads, the partnership with the manufacturer Westlake, which was already intensified last year, is now also reflected in the annual catalogue. The company with headquarters in Rovereto (Italy) has become known for its positively eye-catching premium EM retreads. Currently, 26 retreads in various sizes are the Marangoni trademark.

In addition, there are now another 23 Westlake profiles – of course also in different marketable sizes. In the catalogue for the industrial and OTR segment, every relevant interested party will find what they are looking for, because the combination of retreadable Westlake tyres and Marangoni-typical premium retreads covers all conceivable possibilities.

Westlake new tyres are retreadable and are already running successfully in the field. In order to become a specialist with this recognised high reputation, the tyre professional has a high level of competence in the field of rubber compounds, which are constantly being further developed. According to its own statement, Marangoni is thus Europe’s only EM retreader that develops and produces all rubber compounds itself and can thus respond to the needs of the user with pinpoint accuracy and consistent quality. Depending on the transport route and speed, as well as adapted to the specific application or surface, compounds against internal heat generation, for particularly high cut and tear resistance or also those for particularly high loads are used in the corresponding tyres.

Which tyre is particularly recommended for which implement is shown in the catalogue by means of clear pictograms. Supplementary texts highlight additional quality features of the respective tyre and tread types. This makes it clear where users can expect properties such as outstanding grip, excellent traction, reduction of vibrations, maximum stability and excellent driving comfort, good self-cleaning or even particularly sophisticated protection against common damage in tough use. Of course, the informative brochure does not exclude advice by phone or on site by the competent OTR team.

When looking at new and special features in the Westlake new tyre segment, the CB387 non-directional tread for mixed applications with wheel loaders and dumpers stands out due to its maximum mileage, ground contact area and stability, the CB797 treadless tyre with extra deep tread and a special sidewall reinforcement to prevent cutting and wear on very rocky ground – among others for large wheel loaders. The SR01H stands out with its extremely cut-resistant rubber compound, extra tread depth for maximum durability and special sidewall openings that guarantee optimum driving comfort when used on wheel loaders and dumpers.

In addition to these new features, the CB790 for wheel loaders impresses with its extremely deep, open tread pattern for maximum traction. This feature is complemented by a solid tread and robust shoulders reinforced with a sidewall protection. In addition, the sidewalls are shaped to minimise damage from cuts. The special bead construction makes this tyre particularly suitable for mounting on one-piece rims. A three-star rating has been earned by the CB771’s rugged block design for excellent traction and braking of heavy rigid frame tippers on uneven tracks. Again, the sidewalls are shaped to minimise damage from cuts, and different compounds are available to optimise performance.

The catalogue is supplemented by the carcass purchase price list – after all, a starting point is needed for the retreading sector – as well as information on the TRMS system for tyre monitoring. Interested parties can find the catalogue at the web address given. It is available for download as a PDF and also includes individual QR codes leading to testimonials to show the impressive performance of the tyres in use.