Henstedt-Ulzburg 2021/01/23

Conserving resources without compromising on quality

Like many companies, Marangoni had to temporarily "drive on sight" in 2020, but was able to master the challenges of the market and the difficult overall situation well thanks to the support of all employees as well as customers and partners.

At the same time, development work continued so that the specialist was able to start 2021 with a variety of new premium retreads. These include the M4D, a non-directional tread for demanding applications on wheel loaders and dumpers with a super-wide tread for maximum mileage and stability. Similarly, the MRLT2, a non-directional tread for heavy-duty quarry dump trucks with an excellent combination of protection and abrasion resistance for outstanding mileage performance, is now part of the range. The distribution partnership with new tyre budget brand Westlake has also been expanded.

This now leads to the availability of new additional sizes in the industrial and OTR segments. “The combination of a retreadable new tyre and our premium retread from Rovereto is an unbeatable combination. This allows us to offer a closed system from a single source,” explains OTR Sales Manager Christoph Brinkmann.

Already last year, the new Ringtread BLK MIX202 series for mixed on- and off-road use could be delivered. According to the manufacturer, the application spectrum for these special mixtures is where high mileage is required. Like many other series, this product also has the 3PMSF designation. Furthermore, the tread extension BLK PRL PDR HM2 in 280 mm has been available since the new year.

In addition, Marangoni has developed a TPMS system for OTR and industrial use which, according to the manufacturer, works even in the most demanding applications and automatically forwards the data via the Internet. In this way, air pressure, temperature, location (GPS information) and distances travelled can be read out at any time. If necessary, the system automatically informs about air loss in order to counteract failures preventively.

For a retreading specialist like Marangoni, the topic of recycling management and value retention is part of the corporate DNA. The right choice or combination of new and retreaded tyres can achieve good effects. After all, premium retreads do not have to hide behind new tyres. This is why the company also supports the Recircle Awards, which recognise sustainable innovations, production processes, management and services in the tyre retreading and recycling industry. What’s more: Marangoni itself is even one of the nominated companies in two categories. Managing Director Matthias Leppert also notes that more and more users of industrial tyres are turning to retreads.